Conversion Coatings
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Conversion Coatings

The Alodine Process

We take pride with what we do. That's why we take care when anodizing your parts. This process is RoHS Compliant.

  • degrease

    Step 1


    Base metals are washed with a commercial soap to clean away oils and other surface debris.

  • cold rinse

    Step 2

    Cold Rinse

    Base metal is submerged in a cold rinse tank where commercial soap and surface debris are washed away.

  • caustic

    Step 3

    Caustic Soda Wash

    Base metal is submerged in a sodium hydroxide based etch that takes away surface imperfections, scratches, minor scuffs, etc.

  • warm rinse

    Step 4


    Base metal goes through a cold and warm rinse to remove sodium hydroxide based etch chemicals.

  • deoxidizer

    Step 5


    Deoxidizer is used to remove any film left from the etching process, leaving the metal brighter.

  • cold rinse 2

    Step 6

    Cold Rinse

    A cold rinse is used to remove left over deoxidzer from the base metal to prepare it for the anodizing process. This is the final step in the cleaning process.

  • alodine

    Step 7


    The throughly cleaned base metal is then submerged in the chromate conversion coating.

  • Chromate
    Conversion is

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